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Have a need for custom crates? We can help you design crates for storage or shipping that meet the dimensions and materials that you require.

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Our quality handmade crates stand out among the competition for their sturdiness, design, and aesthetic appeal. Not just regular old crates...

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Helping you ship goods or products in a way that protects them and ensures that they arrive in the best condition possible is our goal.

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How do you choose a wooden crate manufacturer?

What to Consider when Looking
to Buy Wood Crates

The large-scale wooden crate manufacturers can provide you with crates in large quantities and also a variety of sizes. However, they might require that you purchase quantities that do not make sense for the size of your organization.
Woodworking experience
Production track record
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Accessibly priced
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Common Questions About Wooden Crate Manufacturers

How to Choose a wooden crates company

If you are at the point in a project and the next step is that you need to search for a reliable wood crate manufacturer, then you've found the right website. Large-scale crate brands can provide you with crates in large quantities, and also various sizes but they often have issues when it comes to one-off or small batches. Often they require a new customer to create an account, sign a contract and can only checkout with a sale on a significantly sized order.

At Emery's Wood Crates, we specialize in custom solutions designed to spec for your shipping or storage needs.


1. Experience

Would you be comfortable buying crates from a brand new manufacturer? Of course not! You need a company with the experience necessary to create your custom design.


2. Track Record

Choosing a manufacturer, means that you might have to search online until you encounter a company that either specializes in what you need, or has a gallery that is evidence that they can create the sort of containers you want.


3. Manufacturing Material

Did you know that crates can be manufactured from different types of wood?

Some primary examples include:

  • Pine
  • Oak

Most manufacturers use the wood available in the abundant supply in their geographic region. However, before choosing a crate manufacturer, you have to inquire from them about the wood type they use.


4. Crate Sizes Available

When looking to buy crates, it is essential to inquire about the maximum size of the crates available. Not every manufacturer makes the same sizes or types of crates. That is why, when shopping online, it is essential to ask about the sizes available while choosing a manufacturer, or see if their website or online store utilizes a modal dialog to help a person search a shop to see what is in stock or what the business offers.


5. Minimum Order Quantity

MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity for an account. While many manufacturers will provide you with a sample of 1 or 2 crates, when you want to place the order most of them would have a minimum order quantity. If the number of crates you need is much lower than the minimum order quantity, you would have to skip that business.

Most builders do not have crates in stock or in store rooms because they are built to spec and typically discounts are only available for bulk orders above the MOQ. When you ask for a quotation from a wooden crate manufacturer, it is a good idea to inquire about the MOQ as well.


6. Cost

Another factor to consider while taking the quotation is the cost of the individual crate including any shipping, delivery or pickup costs. In some cases, you might find that delivery or shipping costs exceed the actual manufacturing costs. In this case it might make more sense to pickup the product from the manufacturer's shop if local.


7. Turnaround Time

Nobody likes to wait weeks just to get the shipping crates. Before choosing the wooden crate manufacturer, you have to inquire about the turnaround time in which they can provide you with those crates. Only when it meets your deadline, you can go ahead and choose that manufacturer.


Deciding to Buy Custom Wood Crates by an Experienced Wood Crate Maker is Critical!

If you're in the business of storing or transporting goods, you know that custom wood crates are a necessity. But what should you look for when outsourcing the manufacturing of your crates? Here are a few key factors:

- Experience: Make sure your chosen manufacturer has a track record of successfully creating custom wood crates.

- Flexibility: Your storage and logistics needs are unique, so you'll need a manufacturer who can create a custom solution for your business.

- Quality: Durability and safety are paramount when it comes to custom wood crates. Make sure your manufacturer uses high-quality materials and construction methods.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can be sure that you get a quality customized wooden crate that suites your needs.

There are many reasons why businesses in the storage and logistics industry need custom wood crates. Here are some reasons why custom wood crates are essential for businesses:

1. Custom wood crates can be designed to meet the specific needs of the businesses they are being used by for storage and transportation of goods. These can be products, components or tools. This means that the crates can be made to the exact size and specifications that the business requires.

2. Custom wood crates can be made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. This is important for businesses that need to store their products for long periods of time.

3. Custom wood crates can be designed with a variety of features that make them more convenient and easier to use. For example, some custom wood crates

Custom wood crates can be designed to fit your products perfectly, ensuring they arrive at their destination safely and undamaged.

1. Custom wood crates can be designed to fit your products perfectly, ensuring they arrive at their destination safely and undamaged.
2. Wood crates offer better protection than cardboard boxes, keeping your products safe from weather damage and pests.
3. Wood crates can be reused or recycled, making them a more sustainable option than disposable cardboard boxes.
4. Wooden crates can be branded with your company logo or design, making them a great marketing tool.
5. Wood crates are generally less expensive than custom-made metal or plastic containers.

Most storage and logistics businesses require specialized equipment to store and transport their products safely. Wooden crates are often the best solution for this, as they can be custom-made to fit any size or shape.

Wooden crates are also much more durable than cardboard boxes, which means they can stand up to repeated use and heavy loads. This makes them ideal for businesses that need to move large quantities of product on a regular basis.

Another advantage of wooden crates is that they can be stackable, which helps save space in storage facilities. This is especially important for businesses that have limited storage space or need to maximize their use of space.

Storage and logistics businesses need custom wood crates to protect their products from damage. Custom wood crates can be designed to fit the specific needs of a storage or logistics business, ensuring that products are stored safely and securely. Custom wood crates can be built to withstand the rigors of shipping and transportation, ensuring that products arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Custom wood crates can be used to store products of all shapes and sizes, making them an ideal solution for businesses with diverse storage needs. Custom wood crates can be an important part of a company's branding and marketing strategy, helping to promote and distinguish a business from its competitors.

If you have any questions, just reach out to Emery's Wood Crates and we'll get back to you ASAP!

What to Consider When Looking for Wooden Crates for Sale

A wood crate manufacturer's reputation is only as good as the last crate created. Depending upon the scope of use, crates in certain industries can be required by law to meet certain safety and loading standards.

Wood crate manufacturers could required to follow these regulations as part of their manufacturing process. For EWC to best help you with your custom crate manufacturing, we need to know exactly what the crates will be used to transport or store, and whether they will be shipped internationally.

In order to get quality crates created, there are a few things to look for in each manufacturer. First, you would probably want to just work with a company that has been creating crates or similar custom woodworking for a few years. This shows that they have the expertise and knowledge to successfully satisfy their customs and get adequately designed crates.

A crate manufacturer with a good reputation can help you get your hands on the products you need to purchase at an affordable price. Keep in mind, it normally takes some time to fully define the scope of a wooden crate project but once it is completed, your end results will be worth it.

There are a broad spectrum of usage cases our customers have requested: ranging from storage for craft supplies or art supplies, to transporting craft machines or industrial devices, to porch decor or minimalistic coffee table solutions.


Why Would You Want to Have a Wood Crate Made by An Expert?

The average customer ratings on plans for common DIY projects or instructions you can find online relating to crate or box making aren't usually the best. For the most part, people who need a storage or shipping solution are experts in their own field and they don't have the experience or tools necessary for a DIY project.

Additionally, the average rating value for in store solutions are not very high because they aren't specialized whereas the crates made in a specialty shop such as EWC or other sellers tend to be better apprciated due ot the fact that we create sturdy finished or unfinished crates while paying attention to all the details of your design.

Our crates are constructed in our shop in a timely manner and delivered to our customers - or available for pickup should they need it. With EWC there is no rating snapshot select process to choose a standard crate - we build our products to spec and are available unfinished or with paint per our customer's needs. We have a custom shop that provides stores and brands across the USA with unique, specialized crate solutions.


Crates for Craft Supplies, Art Supplies, IT Storage, Store Displays, Product Shipping and More

There are many uses of our crates that can't be found in those available in common stores or from brands producing stock crates with no specialed details. Our crates can be used for occasions such as a party, a wedding, in-store displays, store front storage, crafts displays, shopping bins, paint can storage, checkout displays, alternatives for shelves, delivery purposes, planter solutions, yarn or floral transpotation, mail storage, toy storage for kids, knitting supplies storage, high tech storage or transport for a PC, monitor, printer or other on site space-saving needs.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a crate manufacturer for in-store storage is how the boxes can be stacked. Many builder make crates that are not built to be stacked on top of each other. It is best if we know how the crates or boxes are intended to be used because a shop looking for an in-store display for decor, toys, or items like fabrics, flowers, yarn, or paper products will need a wood crate designed to hold a lesser weight. On the other hand, in the case of a crate designed for storage or shipping and not decor, it will need to be much more robust.

It's also important to choose a crate or box manufacturer that will cut your finished product to the specifications you need. Some manufacturers will simply accept your measurements and then determine what the most cost effective length and width of the crate are for your particular product. Other companies may require you to provide a full set of measurements and then take additional time to cut and shape the crates to meet your specific requirements. This extra work can quickly put a serious damper on your project, so choose carefully!

What Should I Do If I Can't Find Wood Crates Near Me

When it comes to finding a manufacturer of customized crates and wooden containers for storage, it might be challenging to find a good solution to the common online search of "wood crates near me." Simply put, not all local crate builders have the ability to manufacture wooden products like boxes, wooden storage crates, crates and wooden boxes for shipping purposes.

If you can't find a local wooden crate maker, then we would be glad to help. You just need to keep in mind that shipping your custom crate will likely incur additional costs.

The team at EWC have more than 50 years total experience in woodworking and have many satisfied customers. We have the experience and the ability to meet almost every client's requirements when it comes to crates and boxes for commercial, personal and even industrial use. We have a solid design team and work with exact dimensions as provided by the customer.

If you are looking for wood crates or wooden storage containers, then you can contact us today. We will assist you in finding the perfect product for your needs.

You can either use your crate for continental shipping or storage purposes. If you have international shipping requirements, please contact us but keep in mind that we may not be able to fulfill your needs. In such a case, we have recommendations for other partners that specialize in international shipping.



Finding Wood Crates for Sale Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

From decor crates that can double as a table with a stain application or an unfinished stand in a shop, brand wood boxes, or something creative that can hang on a wall, we can most likely construct what you are searching for... From shipping to storage, from a table to an in-store display, to a wall ornament to a bin for shop accessories, we can create the crate solution you need.

EWC provides various innovative solutions for transport, shipping and storage crates. As you will see, many websites sell different types of crates through an online store or shop where you can read reviews about their best seller, but their best seller may not suite your purposes.

Contact us today and we can design a specialized crate solution for you!

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