How to Build a Wooden Crate from Pallets

Pallet wooden crates are the newly trendy décor accessories that everybody loves and crates for sale have become a growing market. They add a vintage, rustic and farmhouse style to your rooms and functionality at the same time. They can be used for storage, as planters, end tables, shelves or coffee table adding charming farmhouse flair to your house at a low cost.

Even though finished version wooden crates can be purchased in any home décor center, craft or supply store; many people enjoy DIY crafts which are worthwhile carpentering projects and, most importantly, cheap.

Wooden crates are very simple to build and you can use any scrap wood lying around. However, if you don’t have any, you can ask any local grocery store employee for free broken wooden crates or buy wooden pallets in a supply store or use wood from old pallets. Wooden pallets are highly recommended since they are rough planks with a rustic look.

Supplies and tools

  • A sheet of plywood for the bottom of the box cut to the desired size of the finished box. Bear in mind that planks will be added to the outside of this piece.
  • 6 or 8 large planks for the sides and 6 or 8 short planks for the ends.
  • Wood glue or ¾” brad nails (2 or 4 per plank depending how high they are). Avoid long nails as they may overshoot on the sides.
  • 2x2” square corner trims
  • Table saw
  • Hammer
  • Sandpaper
  • Miter saw or any kind of saw
  • Paint and stain (optional)


Sketch out your desired dimensions of the crate beforehand so as to know how big your box is going to be and you can make the cuts perfectly; or ask the hardware store employee do it for you.


Instructions will be based on the following measures but feel free to build your own wood crate any size you wish.

The finished height of the wooden crate will be:

9 ½ “ high

16”  long

12” wide

½ “ thick planks

Side planks should be:

18” long and 2 ¼ “ width

End planks should be:

12 ½ “ long 2 ¼ “ width

Planks high will vary depending on the desired spacing between them.


Step 1

If you have a reclaimed pallet wooden crate you need to disassemble it. Otherwise, you will have to go to a saw table and start cutting your pallet wood to size. One piece of advice, cut each plank 1/8 “ longer than it should be since you will have to sand  them down later.

Step 2

Sand the wood down on all sides to make sure all the slats are smooth.

Step 3

On a flat surface lay 2 square corner trims as parallel to each other as possible. Take one of the long planks (to create one of the sides) and glue or nail it to the trims starting on the bottom. If using glue, press firmly the slat. In the case of nails, use two per side.

Step 4

Repeat the same process on the other end of the trims. Finally, center the middle slat or slats conserving the desired spacing between them. You have one side of the crate done.

Step 5

Build a second one following the same steps.

Step 6

Follow the same steps to build the ends and attach them to the sides covering the end of the long slats.

Step 7

One the slats are attached on all 4 sides it’s time to add the bottom. Lay the frame on the plywood and flip it over to apply glue or nail it.

Step 8

Paint or stain your crate (optional).

More Information

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