How to Build Wooden Crate

For those who aren't looking for wooden crates for sale, DIY crafts have very become popular in the last years among people from all ages. Craft projects, for instance, offer multiple possibilities for recycling and repurposing adding a personal touch to you home décor. Besides, it’s the perfect way to save money while having fun doing things yourself.

Thanks to tutorials, guided instructions and bloggers from the internet, many people give a try to crafts ideas which are easy to pull off no matter their skill level. Recently, wooden crates with unfinished versions have become increasingly popular as a means of storage. Even though they can be purchased in any local home improvement store, there are many ways you can transform them into a versatile home décor.  

If you are really into it but your budget is a little bit tight in order to get a bunch of wood crates, building your own wooden crate boxes is very simple at a reasonable price and the size you need.

Supplies and tools

So as to get started you will need to supply yourself with some materials such as:

  • A plywood for the wooden crate base
  • 6 large planks and 6 short planks to desired size
  • 4 square corner trims to use as the corner piece of the box.
  • Nails (at least two per plank, depending on how wide they are) or wood glue
  • Hammer or hand drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Miter saw or any kind of saw
  • Paint (optional)

You can use economical pine planks which are available in any craft supply shelf in standard sizes. Reclaimed wooden pallet is also a preferred option since they are rough and have a rustic or vintage look. However, any wood will work well as long as it is solid. It is recommended to use lumber approximately ¾ inches thick so as to provide enough width to attach slats.   

Customizing a DIY wooden crate

Once you get the planks start by determining the desired height of the crate.

Now, cut as many lumber pieces you need with a saw (I suggest 3 long planks for each side of the crate and 3 short planks for the ends of the crate). Bear also in mind the spacing between each plank. Some people prefer generous spacing so three slats per side will work well, whereas some others create the crates with 4 slats per side leaving almost no space between them.  

Once you have cut all the planks as square as possible you need to sand them down.

Assembly of the wooden crate box

On a flat surface carefully glue or nail the long slats to the square corner posts parallel to each other and conserving the desired spacing between the planks. If you are not experienced with woodworking, use a speed square. An alternative is to begin attaching the bottom and top slat and then fill in the center(s) slat(s).

 Now, you have built one of the sides of the crate. Follow the same step to build one the ends using shorter planks. Apply glue or nail the planks.

Flip over the frame and repeat the same process so as to create the other side of the wooden crate box. You have now two sides of the crate and one end done.

Build a second and follow the same steps

Finally, once you have the slats attached to all four sides, it’s time to add the frame to the plywood to create a box. To do so, you simply laid the base on the frame and nail it or apply glue. Then, place it upright and you have a finished wooden crate box.  

More Information

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