How to Make a Wooden Crate

Nowadays, DIY crafts are highly on demand in many countries for people who aren't looking for a crate company near me. People from all ages are giving a try to handicrafts which ranges from souvenirs to carpentry using recycled materials, anything you’ve got at home ready to be thrown away or cheap stuff from the local store. The truth is we all want that sense of satisfaction in our face knowing we have built something from scratch with our own hands. No matter if it is a functional device or a decorative artifact, it is our own creation and we’ll love it.   

Wooden crates have particularly become fashionable ornaments to embellish any outside event such as a wedding or a birthday party in the last few years. They have been in craft stores for decades without being noticed. However, they have become trend in decor thanks to a vintage revival. That’s why, these vintage accessories with a sense of unfinished versions are found in many living rooms as part of the interior decor or as a storage.

For those who love embarking upon their own carpentering project, it is and easy and inexpensive one.


First of all, you’ll need a pencil, a sheet of paper and a tape measure or ruler to sketch out your DIY-indie aesthetic wooden crate. Bear in mind the dimension of the finished desired product. The size is an important factor since it will vary depending on what you wanted for.

Secondly, you need to get wooden planks. Pallet wood, for instance, is a rough wood with a rustic look. If you want that look but cannot get pallets, pine fence pickets are fine as well or any lumber will works well as long as it is solid and untreated. An alternative to this is to get ready packaged paint sticks which come in sets of 10. Moreover, you´ll need four square trims to be used as the corner pieces of the crate and plywood.

Thirdly, you’ll need wood glue or nails and a hammer or staple gun, any kind of saw and sandpaper.

Finally, if you want the crate looks more professional you can stain or paint it. This is up to you.

Assembling the crate

Once you get the supplies and tools, let’s get down to work.

First, you have to determine the crate height and width so as to know how many planks you´ll need for each side and how tall each piece of lumber will be. Besides, you need to take into account the spacing between planks. Some people prefer generous spacing; others prefer no spacing at all. 

Next step, you’ll need a jigsaw, circular saw or any mitersaw to cut the planks the desired length of the crate unless you got ready packaged sticks. Make sure you cut the ends as square as possible. In any case, you need to sand down the planks on all sides so as to be smooth.

Once you have the desired amount of planks perfectly sanded down you have to assemble the wooden crate box. To do so, lay on a smooth surface the plywood and glue or nail in each corner the square corner trims which must be 90 degrees with the base. Then, attach the bottom long pallet boards to the corners trims of one of the sides of the crate conserving the desired spacing between them. Once you have finished one side of the crate, flip it over to build a second side following the same steps.

Finally, when you have built the four sides (two long sides and two short sides) you can decorate it by applying a coat of paint or stain.

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