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When it is a good idea to use cheap wooden crates?

Are you still not sure about using cheap wooden crates for shipping?


Are you wondering if cheap crates are effective or not? Here are 7 different situations in which using cheap wooden crates certainly make sense.


Shipping fragile items using cheap wood crates

Wooden crates are certainly one of the most reliable ways to ship products. These are still quite sturdy. That is why, when you’re looking to ship fragile items, cheap wooden crates are the perfect way to ship them.

All you need to do is to use some filler material to provide them with cushioning. Once you do so, you can be sure that the fragile items will be shipped in perfect condition.

Moreover, since such crates come in various shapes and sizes, you can easily pick the perfect wooden crate, which is ideal for the fragile item you are shipping.

Thus, when you’re dealing with fragile items, using cheap wooden crates from a custom crate builder makes sense in many situations.


Complete protection of your products with inexpensive crates

Are you shipping products which requires complete all-round protection?

If yes, wooden crates will not disappoint you. Wooden crates have plenty of space for cushioning. At the same time, you can easily include multiple layers of cushioning. The items which you are shipping will have complete protection. The security level that a wooden crate provides cannot be found while using any other shipping container.


Shipping small items in bulk

Want to ship items in bulk?

If yes, wooden crates are the perfect choice for you. In a single crate, you can easily ship multiple items. Not only that, but you can also order crates of various sizes. As a result, shipping up to 1 dozen items or more in a single crate is also possible. Wooden crates are perfect when you want to ship items in bulk.


Weather-resistant cheap crates

Are you looking for a weather-resistant shipping container?

If yes, cheap wooden crates can undoubtedly come to your rescue. With the help of appropriate cushioning and packaging, you can be sure that the outside weather will not impact the contents of the cheap wooden crates. You can opt for fully enclosed wooden crates, which ensure that your item will reach the destination in perfect condition irrespective of the weather.


Shipping perishables

Many times, when you have to ship perishables, you need a shipping container that provides some ventilation. In this case, as well, wooden crates will come to your rescue. There are plenty of wooden crates that have space between the individual ply layers. With such wooden crates, ventilation is not a problem. That is why cheap wooden crates are suitable for shipping perishables like fruits and vegetables.



Global shipping

There is a misconception that cheap wooden crates are only suitable for local transportation. However, the truth is that cheap wooden crates are ideal for different shipping distances.

The cheap wooden crates are highly durable. Wear and tear is not a problem for wooden crates. Moreover, they are weather-resistant if you choose the enclosed type. You can easily secure them as well.

With all of these advantages, you can be sure that they are suitable for shipping over long distances. When you want to opt for global shipping, you can go with these cheap wooden crates.

Not only that, the cheap wooden crates these days are reusable under certain circumstances as well. It makes economic sense to opt for cheap wooden crates.

Thus, when you’re looking to ship items over long distances and across continents, these cheap wooden crates can undoubtedly come to your rescue.


Suitable for economical shipping

Shipping companies often stack up containers one upon another. When the containers are not sturdy, it can easily damage the items being shipped. If the shipping container takes more space, the shipping companies will charge you a higher amount for shipping. To avoid charging a high amount to consumers or to avoid taking up more space during shipping, shipping companies also prefer wooden crates. Wooden crates are easy to stack and therefore take less space while shipping. As a result, you can reduce your shipping costs easily while using wooden crates.

So, if up until now you are not using cheap wooden crates, now is the time to think about the same. With so many circumstances under which you can use such wooden crates, it is time to switch to those rather than any other shipping container. The level of protection which they provide along with their sturdy construction makes them an excellent choice.

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