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What Businesses Can Use Decorative Wooden Crates?

Wooden crates have gone from mundane storage boxes to a height of fashion, as rustic elegance is all the rage these days. While many people DIY themselves fancy shelves using wooden crates, many businesses have started repurposing wooden crates as well and as one of the local leading wooden crate manufacturers we know there is no shortage to the demand.


Wedding Decorators love to buy decorative crates for reception areas

Are you going to an outdoor wedding? You will definitely see a bunch of old wooden crates and possibly a rustic wooden barrel. Every single outdoor wedding I have been to have used crates. If the wedding is either outdoors or is rustic, they generally use wooden crates.

They can be used in the entrance décor, with candles, lamps, and flowers, or if there is a photo display of the couple and their memories, a wooden crate could be used as a stand. Some weddings have even used wooden crates to decorate the buffet.


Restaurants can use decorative wood crates

Many restaurants use decorative wooden crates to enhance the ambiance, and the same goes for hotels. You may see a full wall covered with repurposed wood panels, giving the whole place a cozy, vintage vibe that many guests and restaurant patrons find familiar and comforting. You may also see furniture fashioned out of wooden crates at many establishments. Restaurant seating and tables are sometimes both made out of wooden crates, which brings us to our next business.


Furniture manufacturers use decorative wooden crates for displays

Furniture manufacturers use wooden crates in many ways. Since repurposed wood is a great attribute on any furniture manufacturer’s product portfolio, wooden crates are the best and easiest way to do that. You will find anything from bookshelves to coffee tables and even couches made out of wooden crates.

Repurposing used wooden crates rather than chopping down another tree to build a chair or table is a very commendable feat. As environmentally conscious customers too will veer towards such furniture manufacturers, it is a win-win situation for everyone.


Horticulturists use decorative wood crates for indoor plants

Horticulturists use wooden crates for indoor plants. Kitchen herb gardens planted in wooden crates are wildly popular as it is a great addition to the interior decoration while being functional. For many who live in busy city apartments, a small crate with planted herbs is a great time and money saver.


Antique shops use decorative wood boxes and crates for displays

As many people who look for vintage furniture are those who like to decorate in rustic style, antique shops tend to offer decorative wooden crates as well. For instance, someone who purchases a vintage lamp may also purchase a vintage wooden crate to use as a stand. Antique shops also carry various items like decorative trays and other small items made of old wooden crates.


Decorative wooden crates for rental companies in charge of special events

Some companies provide goods on rent for weddings and other events. For example, for a wedding reception with 20 round tables, you would need 20 centerpieces. There are vendors who keep decorative items in stock in large numbers to offer them to wedding decorators or the wedding organizers on rent. These vendors generally carry an assortment of wooden crates as well.


Photographers and videographers love to work with decorative wood crates

Food photography and videography are now booming industries due to the trend started by Buzzfeed with “Tasty” videos. Shooting almost the complete video from above gives an opportunity to provide an interesting yet subtle backdrop against which the food can “pop.” Most food videographers and photographers use wooden crates as the backdrop to deliver the feeling of an old cozy kitchen table. Sometimes a scattering of relatable things like Christmas decorations, Christmas video, or a few of the key ingredients on the side makes a remarkable addition as well.

Decorative wooden crates bring a cozy, vintage feeling to any atmosphere that adds an element of interest when done properly. They are also very versatile, allowing you to engrave, paint, take apart, or do anything required to it to suit your purpose.

Not only is this a trend that looks and feels good, but it is also a great way to reduce our carbon footprint in a small way. It serves two purposes, repurposing wood means you are saving a tree from being cut down, and you are also picking wood over plastic or any other non-biodegradable product. Re-purposed wooden crates are a tremendous ready-made way to help the environment while staying in style.

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