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How to choose wooden packing crates?

Are you planning to buy wooden packing crates for shipping?

If yes, you would already know that there are numerous wooden packing crate companies out there. The can create crates that vary not only in size but a lot of other parameters as well. If you haven’t bought one before, you might be completely confused about choosing one.

How do you choose wooden packing crates? By considering the parameters below, choosing between the numerous wooden packing crate options will be easier than ever.


Design and construction of wooding packing cases

Did you know that the wooden packing crates vary in design?

Primarily, wooden packing crates consist of strips of wood. The strips of wood can be consistent, forming an entirely smooth wall of the crates, or they can have a gap in between. If they have a gap, viewing the contents inside is possible. It is the distinction which you need to choose between.

You can opt for a wooden packing crate with continuous walls without any gaps or ones which consist of gaps in between. If you’re shipping fruits or other such perishables, some ventilation might be required, in which case; it is better to select one with gaps.

If you need complete privacy for your shipment, it is advisable to choose one with consistent walls.

When you take these design variants into account, then only you can shortlist the right option.


Size of the wooden crate packing

Of course, size is a crucial factor to consider when buying wooden packing crates. The size which you choose would be dependent on the stuff which you want to ship.

Many times, the items which you want to ship might be small, but you might want to include multiple such items in every crate. In that case, as well, you need to choose the size depending on the number of items that you want to fit into the crate.

You can choose wooden crates as small as 18” x 18” x 18” going all the way up to 48” x 48” x 48”. The sizes are just an example. You can get custom-made wooden packing crates according to your requirement as well. That is why; the size options available are numerous. Have to decide the size you need and then make that buying decision.


Access method for choosing a wooden box for packing

The access method is another way to classify and choose the right wooden packing crate. Most wooden packing crates require a crowbar or a screwdriver to open. You have to remove a strip of wood to access the contents inside. These crates are not reusable.

On the other hand, these days, there are crates available with a locking mechanism as well. These are much easier to open, and you can reuse them.

You have to decide the access method you prefer and then choose the right wooden packing crates.


Weight handling capacity of wooden boxes for export packing

Of course, the decision needs to be made on the weight carrying capacity of these wooden crates. There is no point in buying a wooden crate that cannot carry the weight of the stuff you want to ship inside. In that case, you would have to fill the crate partially. Worse still, if you fill it up to the brim, it might disintegrate during transit. Also, there are high chances that the contents might get damaged or destroyed.

To avoid such a situation, it is essential to inquire about the weight carrying capacity of the wooden packing crate in advance. Only once you are aware of the same, you can decide if it would be suitable for the contents that you want to ship or not.


Cost of the wooden packing cases for sale

Seldom does one buy a single wooden packing crate. In most cases, you would need them in multiple numbers. That is why; checking the cost of the wooden packing crate into account is a necessity. It will determine your overhead pertaining to shipping costs.

Generally speaking, comparing the quotations from different suppliers would give you a fair idea regarding the cost. However, you should choose a wooden crate as per the size and weight of contents, instead of a larger one.

The cost and size of the wooden packing crates go hand-in-hand. As you increase the size, the price will increase as well. That is why; you have to achieve equilibrium between both of these. Nevertheless, you cannot choose one without looking at its cost.

So, if you’re confused about choosing wooden packing crates, these five parameters will make the buying decision easier for you. They will help you make an informed choice and save money in the process by going with the most efficient option available. Buying wooden packing crates need not be difficult. You need to just use our guide above to your advantage.

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