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Customized wood shipping crates are necessary for a broad range of uses and industries. We can design and build custom crates to be used for shipping, internal transportation, and storage. Contact us today for a quote!
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Why Use Custom Wood Crates for Shipping?

There is much that a company needs to consider when making decisions about storing and shipping its products. Shipping and storage containers can be made out of a variety of materials, typically: plastic, metal, or wood. They often come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Crates which are typically made of wood, which is versatile and easy to make to custom fit products. Custom shipping crates are a shipping and storage option that every company should consider.


Why Use Wood Shipping Crates?

Custom shipping crates are usually made of wood and are specifically made to fit products so that they can be stored and shipped. There are many reasons companies should consider using custom shipping crates made by a local custom box company. These include:


Custom Wood Shipping Crates Are Easy And Cost Efficient To Produce

Wood is widely used and readily available making it the perfect material for making crates. It is easily cut to create the perfect shape for a custom fit. Plastic and metal are costly to produce or buy for the purpose of storage or shipping.


Small Wooden Shipping Crates Are Easy To Customize

Customizing the size and design of a storage or shipping container is important. Customizing the size and design of a wooden crate is easy and cost-efficient. Wood is easy to cut to create the perfect fit for any product. If a container is too large, a lot of money will be wasted in protecting the product with extra packaging material. Packaging material is also not eco-friendly and an added waste to landfills with greater ecological impact.


Heavy Duty Wood Shipping Crates Are Protective

Anytime a product is shipped, there is potential for shifting and breakage which can cost a company a lot of money over time. It is essential a company considers the effect of the loss of product. Custom shipping crates can be made to specifically fit products better. Wood is also strong and durable protecting against breakage of the crate under the weight of the product. Plastic containers may break or bend causing damage to the container and/or the product. If needed, wood crates are also easy to fix.


Our Wooden Shipping Boxes For Sale Are Easy To Move And Stack

Custom shipping crates which are made of wood. Wood is a light material that can save a company a lot of money on overall shipping costs. The costs are essential for a company to keep in mind when making decisions about how to store and ship products. A heavy container may cause excess and unnecessary costs for shipping products where they are intended to go.

Custom shipping crates are also made to the size of a product meaning that they are easier to move than big, bulky containers. This makes them efficient and easy to use in the shipping process. They can also easily be stacked while shipping or storing without fear of falling and causing damage.


Custom Wood Shipping Crates Offer Better Temperature Control

Products can be easily affected by hot, cold, or humidity. Wood helps to maintain a constant temperature inside the box while also keeping out humidity. Other kinds of containers may cause the product inside to be too hot or cold or may let in humidity which would lead to loss of the product. Once this happens, a company may be affected greatly financially.


Our Wooden Shipping Containers Are Reusable, Recyclable, And Eco-friendly

Containers that are not able to stand up to the shipping products may be costing a company a lot of money in the end. Custom shipping crates are strong and durable which means that they are made to withstand the shipping process many times. This can be an important way for a company to save time and money.

Eco-friendliness is essential for a company to consider when making decisions about shipping and storage. Consumers are drawn to companies that are eco-friendly and make decisions that are ecologically responsible.

A crate will eventually reach the end of its life, but a custom shipping crate is reusable for other purposes. It may be taken apart and used for other purposes completely different from its original purpose instead of being thrown away. This makes wood an invaluable and eco-friendly option.

Storing and shipping products are important and essential for a company to carefully consider. So why use custom shipping crates? Custom shipping crates are easy and efficient to produce, easy to customize, protective, easy to move and stack, have better temperature control, are reusable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. All of these things can save a company a lot of time, money, and effort over time which can help a company be more efficient in storing and shipping.

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