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Small wood crates are necessary for a broad range of uses and industries. We can design and build custom small crates to be used for shipping and storage. Contact us today for a quote!
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Why small wooden crates are necessary for businesses?

Many businesses are searching for suitable shipping containers. The problem is that the choices are so many that it becomes difficult to choose one. In the real business world, there is no time to experiment with different crates or packaging. You need to opt for the best option available created by an expert box company. When looking to ship in smaller containers, small wooden crates are the perfect option for you to use when transporting products.

The following considerations will help you to understand why you might want to consider small wooden crates over any other containers.


Small Wooden Crate Boxes Offer Enhanced Protection

With small wooden crates, you can preserve the product in perfect condition during transit. The level of protection which wooden crates provide is almost unparalleled.

You need not worry about dirt, debris, and moisture impacting the wooden crate's contents. The wooden crate's exterior frame is quite sturdy, which means that shocks and impacts will not damage the contents of the wooden crate. If you want to reduce your shipping transit losses, small wooden crates are a must-have.


Our Small Wooden Crates for Sale Provide Stacked Storage Options

Do you find it challenging to store shipping containers?

If yes, you would be happy to know that wooden crates can be stacked one over another. Not just in your warehouse but also during shipping. The advantage of stacked wooden crates is that the shipping company will charge you less. The amount of space that the wooden crates will occupy horizontally will be much lesser. Due to this reason, you can reduce your shipping costs consistently.

They provide the perfect combination of low transit loss and less shipping costs. What more can you ask for?

These two reasons alone make small wooden crates a must-buy for businesses.


Small Wood Crates - Bulk Loading and Unloading

Stacking up the small wooden crates has another advantage as well. You can easily load and unload the stacks in a single go. You need not handle every small wooden crate. The advantage of bulk loading and unloading is that it will save you valuable shipping time. You can deliver the products to your customers in no time.

The faster shipping time especially comes in handy when dealing with perishable products. It can mean the difference between the product being perfectly fine or being unusable. Once again, the small wooden crates can improve customer experience and reduce your shipping or product losses.


Small Wooden Crates for Centerpieces are Reusable

Are you shipping B2B?

If yes, you would be happy to know that small wooden crates are reusable. So, your clients will be able to reuse them. That is a distinct advantage that you offer to them.

Not only that, when you're looking to transport something between your own offices, then this feature comes in pretty handy. You can simply use the small wooden crates again and again. You need not worry about repurchasing them. In the longer run, the reusable shipping crates save you a lot of money on shipping containers.

The sturdy construction means that they do not undergo wear and tear. The lack of wear and tear provides them with a long lifespan. The long lifespan ensures that you can use them for multiple applications rather than a single one.

Isn't that a great way to reduce your overhead costs?

The reusability of the small wooden crates is one of the primary reasons you should get them for your business.


Customization is a Key for Those Looking to Buy Small Wooden Crates Wholesale

Did you know that manufacturers can provide you with customized small wooden crates?

The customized crates work pretty well for branding. The customization can also work well to spread awareness about the product properties among your customers. The unique design and print on the wooden crates can make distinguishing easy. During transit and storage in warehouses, the easily distinguished wooden crates are shipped faster. Once again, customization can help you not only with branding but also save you time.


Still unsure about small wooden storage crates?

With so many benefits to their name, there is no reason why you shouldn't get them. The sturdy construction and reusability make them a great choice. When using small wooden crates instead of any other packaging containers, you can save a lot of money in the longer run. All this money will directly contribute to your bottom line. You can boast your margin simply by switching over to small wooden crates. It is time to get them today to get all these benefits.

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