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Are you looking for a Vancouver crate company? We know that finding a reliable wooden Vancouver crate manufacturer  can be a challenge. We aim to make the process as straight-forward and easy as possible for your organization.
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We Can Build Your Wooden Crates Vancouver

We specialize in small-to-medium sized crate design and production serving Vancouver.

Custom Crates

Have a need for custom crates? We can help you design crates for storage or shipping that meet the dimensions and materials that you require.

Freight Crates

Are you shipping standard or irregular-sized products or goods? Contact us today to discover how we can build the freight crates you need.

Handmade Crates

Our quality handmade crates stand out among the competition for their sturdiness, design, and aesthetic appeal. Not just regular 'ol crates...

Plywood Shipping Crates

Helping you ship goods or products in a way that protects them and ensures that they arrive in the best condition possible is our goal.

Standing Out as a Vancouver
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How do you choose a Vancouver crate manufacturer?

What to Consider when Looking
to Buy Wooden Crates in Vancouver

The large-scale wooden crate manufacturers can provide you with wooden crates in large quantities and also a variety of sizes. However, they might require that you purchase quantities that do not make sense for the size of your organization in Vancouver.
Woodworking experience
Production track record
Quality materials
Accessibly priced
Realistic turn times

Are you looking to buy from a Vancouver wood box or crates company?

If yes, the very first thing which you require to do is to find a trusted wood crate producer in Vancouver. The massive wooden box makers can offer you with wood boxes in big quantities and likewise numerous sizes. Nevertheless, it is only possible when you pick the best wood crate manufacturer. It is not every day that you compare wooden box manufacturers. That is why it can be puzzling to pick one.

How to pick a wooden box manufacturer?

1. Experience

Would you be comfortable purchasing wooden boxes from a brand-new manufacturer?

Obviously not!

If you choose the maker without experience, you never ever understand the company may be a fly-by-night producer. In that case, you can not be sure about the shipment of wooden crates and their quality. Due to this really factor, it is much better to very first look at the experience of the wood box manufacturer.

2. Track Record

Once you shortlist the manufacturers based upon their experience, it is time to look at their past records. You might be believing, how to discover out info about the track record?

The answer is with the aid of the Internet. Nowadays, there are small company directories as well as review websites online. You can utilize the search engines to find the evaluations of any wooden box manufacturer. On search engines like Google, most of the wooden box manufacturers will have their organization profiles. Possibilities are, you will find client evaluations on their organization profile and Google.

There are many ways to examine their track record by going through these evaluations. Searching for the evaluations or the consumer feedback will not take more than 30 minutes, even if you're looking into about various producers.

Once you go through the evaluations, validating their track record will not be a problem. Just when they have a reliable performance history, can you pick that wood crate producer.

3. Manufacturing Material

Did you understand that wooden crates can be produced from different kinds of wood?

Some primary examples consist of:

• Pine

• Oak

The majority of makers utilize the wood offered in the abundant supply in their geographic region. Prior to choosing a dog crate producer, you have to inquire from them about the wood type they utilize. Only as soon as you do so, you can pick the right wood crate producer.

4. Vancouver box Sizes Available

When wanting to purchase any crates, it is vital to look at this size of the boxes available. Not every producer makes every type of box. That is why it is important to look at the box sizes offered while picking a dog crate manufacturer. When you do so, discovering the maker having the best size of the crate isn't going to be difficult.

5. Minimum Order Quantity

MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity. While many MOQ manufacturers will offer you with a sample of 1 or 2 crates however when you desire to put the order, the majority of them would have a minimum order quantity. If the number of crates you need is much lower than the minimum order amount, you would have to avoid that maker. That is why, when you ask for a quote from a wooden box producer, it is a good concept to ask about the MOQ.

6. Expense

Another aspect to consider while taking the quote is the cost of the individual box. Naturally, the bigger the number of boxes, the lower would be the per crate expense. When comparing the wood crate manufacturers, it is also important to look at the per crate expense.

While you should not make the choice entirely based upon the expense, but it is necessary to consider it as one of the prominent elements when comparing such manufacturers.

7. Turnaround Time

Nobody likes to wait weeks just to get the shipping boxes. Before selecting the wooden crate producer, you have to ask about the turnaround time in which they can provide you with those crates. Just when it meets your deadline, you can go on and choose that producer.

While extending your deadline by a day or two is great, however if the wooden box manufacturers request a couple of weeks more, you can not go with that producer. That is why it is vital to inquire from them regarding the turn-around time before picking the making business.

If you're looking for a wood box manufacturer; you may wish to evaluate them on these criteria. We can help with the following:


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