Where Can I Buy Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are definitely everybody’s favorite DIY projects. They are functional, beautiful and versatile adding a retro style to you home. Wooden crates come in different sizes and colors, with handles or wheels; most of them are made of pallet wood or pine wood.

Even though wooden crates are the most easy, cheap and famous DIY crafts nowadays, there are many people who are not fond of woodworking or aren’t home improvement experts, so they prefer to buy them already done. Wooden crates are easily found in any store in your city or town, however, you need to wonder around and be a little bit of a detective to find the perfect crate for you.

Cheap wooden crates furniture

Strong and solid vintage wooden fruit crates boxes already cleaned are easily found in any local grocery store which you can buy for a couple of bucks. These ordinary wooden crates can be used as decorative elements in shop windows, for fruit or vegetable storage in the kitchen. In this case, make sure to wash the crate with soap and water since it’s going to come into contact with food. These vintage rustic apple crates are authentic products since they have the producers name on them which make them original furniture. In this case, unfinished rustic versions are good as planters or for a vintage wedding entrance, for instance.

 You can also buy solid, clean and ready to use wooden crates in any craft stall in your city, farmhouse wares or farmhouse décor. You can also buy rustic crates or reclaimed French wooden wine crates which are perfect as gifts. If you want to customize them, you will need to paint or stain them. Many people buy unfinished versions in craft stores and then customized them creating unique furniture that adds a personal touch to their rooms.

Finished version and decorative wooden crates

If you want to buy a perfectly customized wooden crate, memorable country rustic crateor and old vintage crate, online stores or home improvement stores are the right option. What’s more, you can find the size you need since in these stores there are great variety of crates and boxes for all purposes. These products would add character to you rooms and a rustic look depending on the color of stain upgrading your home décor. You can also buy wooden crates in craft and supply stores which come with ornaments such as handles to be used as holders or wheels to be used as end tables or with metal trims. This means you can find almost any kind of wooden crates to fit your own style design being rustic, chic or vintage for multiple purposes. Nowadays, this distressed look is on trend making the wooden crates not only practical but also decorative.

No matter where you buy the wooden crate (craft or supply store, home improvement store, general stores, online stores or large supermarket chains) make sure it fulfills the purpose you have in mind, perfectly fits in any of your rooms and are handy. For farmhouse décor’s lovers inspired by vintage style or a farmhouse kitchen accent, these wooden crates are available in different stores and are superb choices to complement any stylish space to keep your stuff beautifully organized.

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