Where to Buy Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are trendy accessories that add a personal and vintage touch to your rooms but finding a quality crate company can be a challenge. Wooden crates can be repurposed to be used in the kitchen for storage, the living room as an end table, the bathroom as toilet paper holder or in the garden as planters. There are several awe-inspiring ideas around the internet to incorporate wood crates into your décor.

What’s fascinating about wooden crate boxes is that they are decorative and functional furniture pieces that combine with any design style such modern, chic, shabby or farmhouse.

These versatile, beautiful and useful accessories are available in any home décor center or home improvement store in your city. However, most of them offer costly products since they are finished versions of wood crates with rope handles or swivel wheels, painted or stained.

So, if you are not in the mood of creating your own or if you live a little bit of a budget, there is an array of stores where you can buy wooden crates for next-to-nothing.   

Believe it or not, wine crates, fruit crates, beer crates and wood crates add retro style to any spot in your home. As many of them come decorated there’s no need in spending extra money for paint or stain. Even though these wooden crates can be bought at a low cost, you need to take your time to find them.

Local grocery stores

You can buy for a couple of bucks a great variety of wooden crates in a local grocery store. Most of them are unfinished versions already cleaned to be used as planters, for instance. However, you can find large quantities of breakables piled up in the warehouse so make sure they are in good conditions. 

Local community sales sites

Search on the net for networks on local community sites. It is highly likely you can find stores that have crates destined to the landfill. You can buy them at a low cost but be prepared to pounce since they run out of crates very quickly. Networking is the best source to find what you really need without spending extra money.

Craft and arts stores

You can buy inexpensive ordinary wooden crates in any craft or arts store. They are finished versions which come in different sizes without paint or stain. If you want them to stand out, they just need paint and embellishment.

Flea markets and garage/yard sales

The most popular places in any neighborhood to buy cheap and unique beautiful wooden crates are flea markets and garage/yard sales. Stay in contact with your local community to know where and when they can be found.

Web sites

The web is full of sites for bargains.  Set up a recurring Google search and check sites regularly to find the best prices. You can buy sturdy highly durable wooden crates made from pine or pallet wood at a low cost ready to be used in show windows or for a vintage wedding entrance.

Hardware stores and home improvement stores

You can buy wooden crates in any hardware store or home improvement store. They are so versatile with a natural rustic look at a reasonable price. Most importantly, they come with accessories such as metal trims which add a touch of industrial feel.


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