Where to Buy Wooden Crates

Wood crates have recently become so popular in many countries that can easily be found everywhere. Even though many people are fond of DIY crafts projects, may others prefer wondering around crafts stores in search of the perfect crate to decorate their home in a versatile and rustic way.

Wooden crate boxes come in different sizes and designs to fit your design style- from modern to farmhouse aesthetic- and to fulfill any purpose such as for storage, an end table, as shelves, a coffee table or even an outdoor bar. The sky’s the limit!  

This new home deco trend is an inexpensive way of adding a personal touch to your spot. If you aren’t a DIY person or don’t have wooden scrap lying around to start a project, there are many stores where you can find a great variety of crates ranging from unfinished designs, pallet wooden crates to completely refurbished ones with antique finishes and logos.

Wooden crates projects

Before buying any wooden crate you need to have in mind what you need it for, where you would place it in your home and how much you are going to pay out for a piece of wooden box. Many people love these vintage products but can’t find any inspiration on how to incorporate them into their decor.     

Where to buy unfinished wooden crates

For those whose budget is a little bit tight and don’t feel like making their own wooden crate, local grocery stores are superb options to get reclaimed pallet wooden crates. In most cases, shopkeepers give them away or sell them for a minimum cost.  

In this case, you’ll have to transform those old wooden crates to fulfill any purpose. Don’t underestimate them since they can be very useful and beautiful sanded down and with a coat of paint and some logos. The only problem is sometimes they are covered in dust and dirt but with a little work you can get that rustic or shabby look you want in your house.

These crates made of gorgeous vintage wood are perfect to re-envision the home décor since they can be turned into furniture or for storage   

Where to buy decorative wooden crates

Wood crates can also be easily found in crafts stores, craft supplies, over the internet, warehouse stores, interior design stores and any home improvement store in your city. These finished decorative products vary in sizes and price depending on their use and ornaments such as handles and wheels to make either a holder or a rolling cart. This means you will find customized wooden crates to fit your own design style. In some stores you will find wooden crates with just a coat of paint, a dark stain look or a weathered finish which have a charming flair and give them an industrial look. Wooden crates from large stores tend to be highly functional with all kind of accessories farmhouse inspired or chic.

Finally, wooden crates can easily be purchased (or obtained) from any local store around the corner to large supermarket chains to online stores. No matter where you get them, these decorative products are exquisite designs which perfectly fit in any spot in your house. Now, industrial or farmhouse styles in your living room are no longer out of reach.     

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