Where to Find Wooden Crates

Wooden crates can be vintage ready-made décor accessories have become outstandingly popular by certain crate makers in the last few years. They can easily be repurposed to be an end table, a shelf, for storage, as planters, a coffee table or just a crate. The sky’s the limit!

Many people are crazy in love with these rustic look of old wooden crates  since not only are they decorative but also functional furniture pieces to provide storage for extra pillows in your bedroom, toilet paper in your bathroom, magazines in your living room and a few other odds and ends . However, there are plenty ways to use these crates beyond their intended purpose.

Not matter how much people love wooden crates, not everyone is interested in claiming for pallet wood to create something out of it. For those who DIY projects are off the table, ready-made wooden crates can be found easily in any local store around the corner in your city.

Local grocery stores

If your budget is a little bit tight, ask any friendly grocery store employee for pallet wooden crates for free. These stores are highly likely to have wood crates aplenty destined to the landfill; so employees are surely happy to give them away if you ask for them. The unpalatable truth, most crates are unfinished versions covered in dust and dirt so you’d need to sand them down, clean them and customize them so as to have a rustic or farmhouse look.

Liquor stores and wineries

These stores are possible sources to find wooden crates. Don’t be afraid in asking for damaged wood crates since they can easily be pieced together. Liquor stores and wineries receive large quantities of breakables but some high-end importers use wood for expensive items. However, be prepared to pay a little amount of money since some sellers don’t have free stuff.

Web sites

If you don’t find wooden crates for free, you are highly likely to find cheap crates in vintage, antique and used store web sites. Check them frequently to find not only bargains but also decorative wooden crates which are premium products, hence, more expensive.      

Craft and home supply stores

For sure, you can find wood crates in any craft or home supply store for next-to-nothing.  In these stores, products vary in size and price and are ready-to-be used. You can find lovely finished painted and stained wooden crates, with accessories such as caster swivel wheels or rope handles.

Goodwill and Salvation Army

You can find wooden crates in these used and upcycling stores. Goodwill, for instance, have a bidding online site.   

Swap meet flea markets and garage/yard sales

Many people find unique and beautiful wooden crates in flea markets or any garage/yard sales in their neighborhood at a low cost.

Home improvement stores

If you need to find a great assortment of wooden crate boxes in many styles, sizes and colors, head for home improvement stores. You can find a vast variety of generic unfinished versions of these furniture pieces in multiple sizes to be used for storage.

Home décor centers

Chances are you find indie aesthetic wooden crates in home décor centers. These stores offer an array of wooden crates that add a personal touch to your rooms to fit your own design style. No matter if it is modern or chic, rustic or farmhouse; you will find what you need.

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