Where to Get Free Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are versatile, vintage and beautiful accessories that have become increasingly popular in the last few years and people commonly search for: crates for sale wooden.  Everybody loves wooden crates since they are decorative and functional furniture pieces destined to save space in your house for, in most cases, they are used for storage.

Crates come in different sizes, colors and styles, finished or unfinished versions, painted or stained. There is a wide assortment of wood crates to all design styles from modern, chic, shabby to rustic and farmhouse. You can incorporate them easily in your home décor.

Even though wooden crates are very simple to build- you don´t need to be a woodworking or home improvement expert- many people are not DIYer and prefer to get them ready to be used.   

However, wooden crates could be unaffordable furniture pieces for prices vary enormously from store to store. It is highly likely you bump into free wooden crates, but you will have to be a bit of a detective to find the one you need.  

Possible sources to find free wooden crates

  1. Local grocery stores: You will definitely find a great variety of unfinished versions in any local grocery store. Even though they are generic wood crates, you can customize them with some paint or stain. Some fruit and vegetables wooden crates are destined to the landfill but you can turn them into rustic pallet crates. Some grocery stores have an array of broken wooden crates which can be pieced together and repurposed with flare. You can easily build a reclaimed wooden crate in a couple of minutes.
  2. Over the internet: There are a couple of websites that offer wooden crates for free. You just have to be on the alert since free stuff goes quickly.
  3. Get free wooden crates by salvaging them: There are many people who dump old wooden crates. You can salvage them and transform them beyond their intended use.
  4. Wine stores, vineyards and liquor stores: Any wine and liquor store have wooden crates aplenty. Ask a friendly employee for free crates which- in most cases- have the brand name on them that will add an original and vintage touch to your rooms.
  5. Network: Get in touch with your local community to get to know where to find free wooden crates. There are many stores that have an array of breakables, especially imports. Even though some of them use cardboard box, some others- high-end importers- use wooden crates for expensive products.
  6. Gift shops
  7. Construction sites: They get rid of a large quantity of wooden crates. Ask any employee to pick up wood crates they don’t need any longer. Be always friendly and polite when it comes to free stuff.
  8. Shipping crates: Some dealerships offer shipping wooden crates for free. Be on the alert since they are available for a short period of time.
  9. If you bought a new motorbike- for instance- ask employees to keep the crate.
  10. Small stores: Many local stores (art and crafts stores, pet supplies, glass companies, gardens stores) have a vast amount of breakables which are delivered or shipped in wooden crates. You can kindly ask them for free stuff.

Free wooden crates do exit, but you need to be on the alert and stay in contact with your local community to find them.   

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