Where to Get Wooden Crates

Everybody loves the vintage look of wooden crates which have become outstandingly popular in the last years. Their popularity is due to the retro style they add to your home décor. No matter if it is a wine, fruit or beer crate; they are all stunning. They can be functional furniture such as for storage or a simple side table.  

People are always intrigued where to get wooden storage crates in their city. The truth is that they can easily be found in every supply store or craft sore. However, if you are interested in getting free wooden crates you need to be a kind of detective since they exist but are not visible to anyone.

Where to get free wooden crates?

For those who are not patient enough to build their own wooden crates, there are some hidden spots in the city where you can get them for free. It’s a matter of being patient and it takes some effort.

Many people are fascinating about the idea of having a wooden crate furniture in their living room but they cannot afford them. If your budget is a little bit tight so as to buy a finished wooden crate box you can talk to employees in local grocery stores or to the butcher’s to get some crates for free. They usually have huge amounts of breakable crates which can be reclaimed or piece them together if they are broken. In some cases, they are unfinished versions covered in dust and dirt but you can clean and customize them so as to look cute and rustic ready to be used for storage.

Where to get cheap wooden crates

If you can’t get free crates, an alternative is getting wooden crates for a couple of bucks. In this case, chances are you find used and upcycling crates or unfinished versions. Check online stores regularly since there are many bargains and some online stores have a vast assortment of crates which vary in sizes, styles and colors.

Where to get finished versions wooden crates

You can easily get lovely finished versions wooden crates in any craft store, supply store or home improvement store in your city. These shops offer a great variety of solid wood crates in different colors and sizes so as to provide stylish organizational solutions. Some crates include accessories such as side handles or wheels and a raw or whitewashed finish to blend in with any decor style.  Some wooden crates come in a natural reclaimed style which can be left that way or customized with the paint or stain of choice. These wooden crates are perfect for decorating baths, bedrooms, living rooms and even the kitchen with rustic characteristics. All you need is a creative mind to give a new look to your rooms.  

No matter which kind of wooden crate you get or where you get it, this product is so versatile, functional and beautiful. Once you get a wooden crate box, the only thing left is to find the perfect spot in your house for this rustic furniture. Once you get tired of natural reclaimed crates, they are easy to paint, stain or decoupage so as to disguise an old or unfinished version of wooden crates.

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